florida’s killer gators

Friends Find 23-Year-Old Woman Dead In Alligator’s Jaws

It’s almost unbelievable. There have been three deadly alligator attacks in Florida in six days…The three attacks in the last week happened in Broward, Pinellas and Marion counties…[this] is the state’s 19th confirmed alligator attack fatality, dating back to 1948.

As of tonight, they have trapped and killed two of the three gators this week.

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  • karin

    Did you take these gator shots? Where were you?!

  • rob

    no, that’s not my photo. the attribution has links to who took it. i got it from flickr.

  • Yes, but a short drive to Lake Monroe could be fruitful for alligator photography.

  • rob

    One day I’ll get some gator shots of my own!

  • Leah

    I am so happy I am home now, save from those gators. Funny that three attacks happened when I was visiting

  • rob

    Yeah, absolutely hilarious.