using gps

GPS, originally uploaded by orangejack.

I’ve always heard that using a GPS system was cool. I always thought that was something I didn’t really need.

I’ve been borrowing a system here in Ohio. I’ve confirmed that I don’t need it. But oh do I want it!

This joker is so cool. It’s the iway 500c from Lowrance Automotive. Just plug it in, type in an address or restaurant and the gentle feminine navigator voice tells me every turn to make.

Today I told it to find the Panera on Brown St in Dayton. Within a few seconds, she started telling me where to turn.

The other day I made a wrong turn. She recalculated the map and gave me new directions.

Never has being told what to do by a woman’s voice felt so good. Well, the iway lady and of course my wife’s voice.

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  • I know I love my Magellan 300. Especially handy when headed to a new clients or a first visit to a new restaurant.

    Even better, when you look up restaurants, it will show you the phone number so you can call for carry out! My wife loves that feature! 🙂

  • My dad has the iWay, and it is very cool.

  • Nice recovery with the “and of course my wife’s voice”, btw.

  • You are a very wise man for including my voice in the last line!