optimists and critics

Driving today I saw a sign that advertised for the local chapter of the Optimists Club. I started wondering what would happen if they had a mixer party with critics (movie, food, etc). I wonder if there’d be a conversation like this:

Server: May I offer you this drink?
Optimist: Why yes! I sure hope it’s Coke!
Critic: It’s probably Pepsi.

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  • Another version:
    “…I sure hope it’s Coke!”
    Critic: (after taking a sip)It IS Coke…but I’m a little disappointed in the degree of syrup to fizz ratio. It’s not really up to the standard of refreshment that I’ve come to expect from the Coca-Cola Bottling Co…”
    D— critics.
    Have to go and ruin everything for us optimists.