a movie weekend

Da Vinci DateThis weekend I went to a couple of movies with my wife. It was a lot of fun. I’m actually not necessarily a movie-going kind of guy, so for me to go to two in one weekend is a big deal.

First up was The Da Vinci Code. You probably know I’ve read the book and have been working a lot on a blog to discuss the book/movie. I can honestly say that the movie was a let-down for me. I much preferred the book. I’ve never really read a book before seeing the movie version so that was new for me.

X-dateNow the movie that I really didn’t expect to see was X-Men 3. I’m not a huge X-kinda-Man, but it wasn’t bad. Actually liked it. I thought it was kinda funny at the end when all of a sudden the abandoned cars on the bridge had their headlights on when they weren’t on earlier, but hey, it’s just a movie!

What I thought to be particularly interesting with the movies is watching Ian McKellen all weekend! I mean, on Saturday he questioned the deity of Christ, on Sunday he was moving cars with his hand better than Obi-Wan. So you’ll have to forgive me if I get Teabing and Magneto a bit confused.

For instance, why couldn’t Teabing just break open the codex with his superpowers? Did Magneto think Jean was married to Jesus? And it was Magneto with the canes and Teabing with the helmet, right? That helmet would have helped ward off Silas, that’s for sure.

Anyway, on to a Memorial Day holiday. I doubt we’ll be heading back to the movie theater. Maybe I’ll watch Ian interacting wit Frodo…or is it Geordie?

I’m sure glad that I got to see McKellen and Jean-Luc Picard in the same movie. I always get their voices confused.

You shall not pass! Make it so!

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  • Ian McKellen is everywhere, but I prefer Patrick Stewart. Probably because I loved him as Jean-Luc. Thanks for taking me to the movies!

  • Okay, i put the technorati tags in my most recent post. i think i did everything right, but it doesn’t look like the post is showing up in technorati when i click on the tags. any suggestions?

  • Leah

    I agree Rob, the DVC movie was a let down. I am getting tired of DVC honestly.

  • rob

    I’m ready to move on too. Fables are fun, but I’m kinda over it. Still important to discuss though.

  • Comparing the movie to the book is, in my opinion, pointless. I thought the movie was very true to the book – so much so that the movie is almost the abridged audiobook, dialogue-wise.

  • In X Men 3 did you also notice in the bridge scene how it suddenly became night? It seemed the whole bridge event happened mid-day, then suddenly it was night time. I didn’t follow that. The movie became a little silly for me, as they didn’t do a good job defining the boundaries of what my suspension of disbelief should be. It seemed they just kept making up things the X-Men could do.