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Are you on Flickr? No?!?! Wha…pffff…uhhh….errrr….bllllaaaa…why not?

Oh. You don’t take photos. Okay. Never mind.

But if you DO take photos, put them in Flickr, man! Pictures are worth a thousand words so think of it as publishing a lot of yapping quickly! “Speed yapping” as it were.

Need help getting started?

Okay, now that you’re in, you should join some groups. I’m still learning about them. I’ve started a couple. If you qualify, you should join.

First is the group Adventures in Flying. I started it after flying home last week and having a pain of a time with Airtran. I moblogged it to Flickr and thought that I should start a group for other adventures when flying. Right now there are 18 members and 14 photos. So, you got some stories and photos to share? Join the group, add photos to the pool, and discuss!

The other one I started is called Central Florida Flickrs. It’s for PEOPLE who live in Central Florida to share their photos together. It’s not necessarily photos OF Central Florida. Right now there are 41 members and 585 photos. So if you live in Central Florida, join up, post photos to the pool, and discuss!

Other groups I’m in (but didn’t start) aren’t too bad either! What groups are you a part of that you really like?

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