• This morning I checked email and then prayed. (5:20am) Then I went back to sleep (until 7:30am), thankfully.

  • Tom

    I read and comment on the blog of someone else who woke up early. Isn’t jetlag fun?

  • rob

    I wish I had jetlag so then I could blame it on something. Alas, I don’t. Have you tried the No Jet Lag pills? Keith swears by them and I tried it on my last overseas flight and it seemed to work well.

  • There’s no such thing as waking up too early in my world.

  • I hit the snooze button.

  • today: 4am!!!!
    i got my baby out of bed. put her in my bed then i layed awake fuming while she played incessantly with my hair…then i went to lie down on the couch…i read “toddlers first steps” the health canada book for parents, all about sleep problems…it didnt really help my anger…but seeing her so cute next to derek helped a little. i just feel like a baby myself “why me? why cant she just sleep for 12 hours like all my friends babies? its not fair. waaaa”

    i am very mature at 4am.

  • rob

    Everyone has great comments so far, but Amanda wins! Best.Comment.Today!

  • Umm… neither of our babies sleep.

  • I just want to clarify my previous comment. The reason it doesn’t exist in my world is because I NEVER get up that early on my own.

    It’s just not possible for my body to do that. I can, however, stay up until 4 am sometimes because I can’t fall asleep. Does that count?

  • I blogged (http://bill-hayes.org/2006/06/05/invest-in-the-church-get-great-rewards/)
    That was about 5:30 this morning.

    And — in my world — it’s rare to sleep past 6AM — or be awake at 11 PM! I guess different sleep disorders work in differnent ways for different people!

  • On the other hand — for Sally — it’s rare to be aleep before midnight or awake (without an alarm clock) before 8AM! Her teaching nightime classes makes our spending quality time together a challange! We’re thankful for weekends.