shoveling digg

I’m playing around with digg. Anyone else use it? I’ll post more on it later, but would love some feedback and “friending” if you know what that’s all about…

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Subject: Come join my network at digg

rob has recently joined digg and would like to send you an invitation. With digg you can help promote and share news to the millions of digg viewers with a single click (digging a story).

It’s free to join and only takes a minute to sign up!

Digg will NOT store your email address, even if you opt out!
Digg will store only an encrypted key, which even Digg can’t decipher.


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  • I’m a big fan of digg. I’ve posted a couple of stories about my experience (search for “digg” or “reddit” on my blog). Feel free to include me in your friends list.