i stared alberto in the eye and he just spit

Well, I for one am happy that Alberto didn’t feel like heading to my house. We just got a lot of much-needed rain yesterday. A couple of claps of thunder and wind. Really just a long, Vancouver-style rainy day with a thunderstorm or two thrown in to remind us we’re still in Florida.

Doesn’t look like he’ll even grow up to become a hurricane. He’ll still do some damage with storm surge on the coast though. But I think it’s pretty much done for us here in Orlando. Still under a tornado watch and it’s breezy with off and on rain.

So carry on.

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  • Leah

    Ohhh you are so scary. I won’t look at you in your eye or you will scare me away 🙂

  • You must have given that “mean look” like your pic in bloglines and google chat! 😉