psa: palm trees as dangerous as tigers

palm lineupSee this photo of palm trees? I took it because I thought it reminded me of those police lineups. “Which one of these palms is guilty,” I’d ask myself. “I wonder what crime it committed.”

Now I know.

Palm fronds could poke your eye out.

[Torbay, UK] Council officials have written to the chamber of trade saying the trees are a potential hazard because their sharp leaves could cause injuries to eyes or faces.


“What if one of those leaves caught a child in the eye, for example? It is a little bit like keeping tigers: they are beautiful to look at but you wouldn’t want them wandering the streets. What is being suggested is not that we don’t have them, but that they need to be placed out of harm’s way.”

Thankfully, others disagree:

“We have lived with these trees for years and years and there have never been any injuries, as far as I am aware.”


“If you stick your head into a palm tree I suppose you might get scratched. But if you brush by a bed of nettles you are bound to get stung. Where does it stop? Will we be banning rose bushes from public gardens in case people hurt themselves?”

Now I ask you…have you ever been stalked by a palm tree? I live in Floridia. I know. They stalk quitely just like a tiger. Just when you least expect it…bam! Right in the eye!

Thanks to Sense Is Not Common for the story.

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