I’ve been underwhelmed.

Currently I’m overwhelmed.

But if I’m not under it, and I’m not over it, would I just be whelmed?

Could “feeling normal” be “whelm”?

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  • Well, since you brought up the subject…

    What is a “hort”? I have cohorts, so does that make me the hort?


  • rob

    I haven’t thought of that one!

  • Sounds reasonable to me! 🙂

  • Rob (a different one)

    I realize that this post wasn’t really serious about the meaning of “whelm”, but here I go nonetheless. The original word is, of course, “overwhelm”–“underwhelm” is a play on the original. The “whelm” portion comes from the Middle English “whelmen” meaning to “to turn upside down”. So “overwhelm” kinda means to overturn in the sense of “overthrow” or “conquer”. OK. I’m done.

  • rob

    very nice comment! that’s probably the smartest thing on this blog! 😉