You want to know how to freak a guy out? Have him come home, turn on the radio, and the first thing he hears coming out of the radio is, “…you’ll never have a problem shopping for a bra again!”

The woman’s voice continues, “…I know when it’s time for me to buy a bra, I put it off to the last minute. I mean, I want to find one that is pretty AND comfortable and I just hate to…”

Make it stop!

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  • at least it was a woman’s voice


  • Good point Linda.

    I didn’t realize people still turned on the radio when they got home. Don’t you have an iPod yet Rob?

  • rob

    Sheldon, nope. It’s still on my wishlist.

  • that’s the breast thing, i mean, best thing, when it’s pretty and comfortable.

  • rob

    kimu gettin risque!

  • is that the french version of the board game? no way robbie… i always preferred “life”. that spinny wheel thing was so choice.

  • rob

    kimu, do you have (a) life? or are you saying you’re for ‘choose life’ (a closet wham fan)!

  • not since the baby came, robbie, not since the baby came. my life consists of changing diapers and heating up formula.

    choose life! i had a t-shirt like that. oh crap, i’ve said too much already.