rocket launch

Rocket launch, originally uploaded by orangejack.

One thing that is cool about living in Orlando is that we’re about 50 miles from NASA. That reminds me, we still need to tour that place.

Anyway, one cool thing is every once in a while, I’ll be driving along and look up to the east and see a com-trail going up into the sky.

I couldn’t get my Treo out quick enough to get this rocket while it was lower. It was like a giant orange flame going into the sky. I wish the pic was better, but it was the best I could do looking through a dirty windshield.

Kinda cool.

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  • I remember watching them from St. Petersburg. My brother once took a great picture of a night shuttle launch.

  • Oh, Man! I didnt even know about that one… bummer!

    I love running out with the kids and watching them go up.