orlando’s new menace

June 22, 2006 :: Orlando, Florida :: From the Office of Coach Williams

Today, Coach Williams is making the official announcement that the team name has been sold…again. Williams coached the Orlando Chupacabras last season but has worked out a deal so that Williams no longer retains the rights to the mascot “Chupacabras”. Details for the deal are undisclosed.

Additionally, Coach Williams unveiled a new mascot and logo today. Much speculation has been swirling for weeks as to what direction the marketing team would go with their 2006 name. After many different proposals were presented to Coach Williams, the decision was reached yesterday with the official announcement today.

Orlando BullsharksFor the 2006 fantasy football season, Coach Williams will now be the head coach for the Orlando Bullsharks.

“Bullsharks are dangerous. They are found in both oceans and rivers. There are only three sharks that actually attack and kill people: tiger sharks, great white sharks, and bull sharks. Here in Florida, it’s all bull sharks,” Coach Williams said at the press conference early this morning.

When asked why the name was one word instead of the proper two words, the chief marketing director for the organization simply said, “it is what it is”, much to the obvious chagrin of the coach.

Nevertheless, the Bullsharks will begin their mini-camp next week in Trinidad. “I want the organization to have a feel for a more tropical environment if they are to understand what the Bullsharks are all about,” Coach Williams said.

League play begins September 7.

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