where would you work?

Question: If you could work anywhere for the knowledge or experience for three months, where would you work?

Criteria: It’s not about the money, it’s about the experience or knowledge that you receive by working there.


  • Starbucks – I think it’d be cool to learn and understand the thousands of types of coffee, how to make them, and what they are all about
  • Panera Bread Company – Again, I think it would be cool to learn how to bake and make all the different kinds of breads and pastries
  • NFL Sideline Photographer – To develop my photography skills in an environment that I love!
  • Yahoo’s Strategic Planning Group – I don’t know if they really have one, but it would be so cool to be part of a large company playing ‘catch-up’ to Google, yet leading in the social marketing area (as a portal).

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  • Mine would be:
    1. Printing press place – to learn about the printer process
    2. Starbucks – same reason as Rob
    3. Assistant to a Fashion Designer – to learn tips and tricks of the design and sewing process
    4. The Corporate Office of Mrs. Fields Рto learn the business side of the cookie company’s success

  • virginia

    Here’s mine:
    1. Magazine Editor – something girly like RealSimple or InStyle.
    2. Fashion Designer (like Patricia).
    3. I’d love to work on the set of a Cooking Show, like Paula Dean’s show or Bobby Flay.
    4. Along the same lines, I’d love to learn from the chef at a ritzy restaurant…something European. I would love to learn to cook fabulous meals that have some simplicity to them.

    We really had a great time at dinner with you guys yesterday. Thanks! We’ll have to do that again soon.


  • 1 – Crab Fishing Boat
    2 – United Nations
    3 – Arlington National Cemetary
    4 – White House

  • Google
    Hillman Curtis
    Adaptive Path
    Prime Minister’s Office (Canada)

  • 1. A fine woodworker’s shop; intern with Norm Abrams from New Yankee Workshop to hone my skills as a carpenter learning from the best.
    2. Lowes/Home Depot or Best Buy so that I can buy everything at cost! Electronics are great, but power tools are where it’s at!
    3. For an NFL team breaking down film and stats to create a game day chart.
    4. Lego as an inhouse designer.

  • Leah

    1) Fashion magazine
    2) A place where you get free stuff
    3) An advertising agency
    4) Interior Design show