island breakfast

colorful fruity beveragesI never know what to expect when I visit another country. The people are always nice and the food is always good. But sometimes the food is quite different than what I’m used to.

I’ve had breakfast here twice now. The first one was instant coffee, bacon, corned beef, and a cabbage/veggie medley. It was very good, but a St. Patrick’s Day meal for breakfast in Trinidad wasn’t what I expected. Though, technically, the roots for corned beef and cabbage is an island meal, just an island in the North Atlantic!

Today was a little different. Still had the instant coffee (if I ever change jobs, I’m going to open a Starbucks in Trinidad), the same veggie medley, but for meat the choice was a beef dish that looked like taco meat or sword fish. I had the fish.

Not that any of it doesn’t taste good. I’m just not used to this kind of breakfast!

Oh, and check out all the juices that are offered at lunch and dinner (see photo, duh!). Tasty!

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  • Eating in a different country is always an adventure.