no left in the fog - feeling luckyI’ve been debating this for a while. I decided to do it. I know it sounds crazy, but here it goes…

I’m taking a blog hiatus. I’ll be back in a week.

No, I’m not going on vacation anywhere. I’ll be at home and work — working.

Why would I do such a thing? I dunno. I’m distracted. I’d like to say I’m taking a “blog fast” but I don’t want to be so presumptuous. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people say they are fasting from something when they aren’t. A fast is when you give something up for a time and replace that time with seeking God.

To be honest, this is kind of a blog fast, but I’m not going to guarantee the time spent not blogging or checking other’s blogs will be spent seeking God.

But I think I will be seeking God. Have you seen Him? Heh! Reminds me of that line in Forrest Gump when Lt. Dan says, “Find Jesus? I didn’t know he was missing!”

I’ll get my work done. I may even blog work-related things. But not here. And probably not here either. Not for at least a week.

The great Smokey Robinson once sang:

Now if there’s a smile on my face
It’s only there trying to fool the public
But when it comes down to fooling you
Now honey that’s quite a different subject

But don’t let my glad expression
Give you the wrong impression
Cos really I’m sad, Oh I’m sadder than sad
Well I’m hurt and I want you so bad
Like a clown I appear to be glad

Well they’re some sad things known to man
But ain’t too much sadder than
The tears of a clown when there’s no-one around

I’ve got some dealing to do in my soul so to help me, I’m removing this distraction.

Peace and love from up above, y’all. I’ll be back in a week…

beaded poinsettia

beaded poinsettia, originally uploaded by orangejack.

A few years ago we planted a simple Christmas poinsettia in the front yard by the house. The thing has grown like crazy.

We can’t get it to fully turn red, but it’s still a beautiful plant when it’s green.

Thankfully, I got the opportunity to capture these huge rain droplets on the poinsettia. This is also my new desktop wallpaper.

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what can brown do for your dog?

I worked from home today. In our “office” no less. It’s more of the “we collect junk and don’t know where to put it so we put it in the ‘office'” room.

Anyway, I get a view out the window into the front yard and of course my neighbors across the street. They have a little yapper of a dog – an old chihuahua. That dog has never been nice to us. No surprise really, since chihuahuas are known to think they’re much bigger than they really are.

A few months ago, the UPS guy pulled up and when he got out, there was the dog right up on him. I spied. The dog liked the UPS guy! He was able to pet her. Note that for as long as I’ve seen this dog, not one human has ever been able to pet her.

Today I see the UPS guy park in front of our house again. Quickly I wondered what package we might receive. Then I thought that a neighbor must be getting something.

Brown stepped out, went to the front of his truck, and knelt down. The dog came up, he pet her for a few moments, and then he got back in the truck and drove off.

No package.

Just a delivery for the dog.

I just don’t get it.

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When I was in high school, I used to collect nickels. Not nickles from different years or minted cities or anything. Just nickels.

I can’t remember how much lunch was, but I remember that part of the typical change back included a nickel. I found that people were very willing to give up their nickels if I just asked. I collected about $200-worth of nickels those four years.

Then inflation happened and apparently my friends, the Johnson’s, collect quarters. Well, more specifically, they only have one quarter that matters, and it’s their 2-year old who collected it.

But to find out where he collected it, you’ll have to ask Matt!

one small step for rob, one giant leap for patricia

Today I went to my follow-up appointment for my foot surgery. I’m off my crutches!

I’m walking with a limp and it’s kind of labored, but I can walk. We’ll continue to treat the spot (it’s still an open wound) for two weeks when I go back. By then the skin should have grown to “fill in the hole”.

So as long as I don’t have too much pain when I walk, I can move around now. Can’t do things like cut the grass or go to the gym (drat!) because sweaty socks on an open wound on the ball of my foot where I’d be pushing off from…well, that’s just not a good idea.

But tonight I could walk into the kitchen, get my food, sit down, and wash the dishes. I can contribute again!

stuck in the rain

Stuck in the rain, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Today was the first day I went out of the house since surgery. It’s not the easiest thing to do with crutches. The sidewalk to the driveway isn’t flat so that required a new traveling technique. And one crutch on grass while the other is on concrete is quite interesting.

It wasn’t bad being out. My foot really hasn’t hurt much at all. I haven’t even taken the Vicodin much at all the last few days. What hurts the most is my lower back from laying around!

Of course, being in Orlando, we should have planned on rain. We forgot. It was pouring when we got back home. Usually a dart into the garage is all it takes. With my “three legs” you’d think I could be much faster. My gate is a cross between a gazelle and a sloth.

Tomorrow we adventure back out — this time to the doc for a follow-up appointment.

BTW, is anyone interested in seeing a photo of my foot? We took some the other day but I haven’t posted them. Interested?