There is a word I want to resurrect in my vocabulary. It’s one I learned about a few years ago and forgot about it…until I was back in Trinidad last week.

The word is “lime”. There’s not much about it online (even Wikipedia knows about it but no articles), but I did find this on a Trinidad travel guide:

If a local invites you for a “lime,” you’re not about to eat a sour fruit, you’re being invited to a party…If you want to chill out on your island vacation, the phrase to know is “limin” which means relaxing and having a good time.

It was explained to me by my host that a long time ago, there was a particular cleaning product made of lime that everyone wanted, but there was short supply of it. So they would line up and wait for hours to get de lime. Thus became the phrase “limin” — hanging out together.

From what I can tell, it can be purposeful or not. If you’re just hanging out with others or by yourself, you’re limin. You are a limer. You lime.

Now if they only had a club called “The Coconut” you could have a lime in The Coconut!

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  • My friend Chris wrote about liming when he went to Trinidad too! Check it out:

    And thanks for getting the Lime in the Coconut song stuck in my head….

  • Claire


  • rob

    Aha! That’s the response I was looking for! 😉

  • The Rev says:
    “There is noting you can take
    To relieve your bellyache”

  • angie

    just reading the word limin’stirs up the whole caribbean/island flavor…
    Keep on limin

  • Eirene

    Actually, we do have a club called “Coconuts”,lol….Im serious!

  • rob

    Ha! That’s awesome! Have you ever limed in the Coconuts?

  • limin

    my name is limin.. it’s chinese though. it’s strange to see it on ur blog to mean hanging out..

  • rob

    That’s cool, Limin! So do you hang out a lot?