congrats to italy

Italian flag – bandiera, originally uploaded by Amelia PS.

Do the winners of the World Cup go to Disney World too?

UPDATE: Zidane ends his career like this:

Watch the entire video of it if you like. What a shame.

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  • You know, I was actually rooting for France for most of the game because I wanted to see Zidane go out on top. But then when he pulled off that vicious headbutt, I changed my mind. What a cheap, classless act. Just a terrible way to end an otherwise brilliant career.

  • rob

    I agree with how classless that was. I was just glad that a ref caught it. For a while I thought he got away with it. What a jerk thing to pull. Oh well. On to American Football!


  • He did a “Marcus Vick”. I can’t believe it! And in his last game. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking of his team.

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  • rob

    Oh, that’s low, Patricia.

    But sadly it’s true.

  • Maybe he just went on to his wrestling career earlier than expected?