us is fat

Yesterday I was walking into Target and a woman was coming out at the same time.

Now, I’m going to write a sentence here that many will think is a bit crude or something. But stick with me.

As she was walking out, she was bouncing. Not hopping, but “bouncing”.

Normally that refers to a woman’s, uh, mommie-glands. In this case, it was her midriff tank top showing off her bouncy gut (she apparently was very proud of wearing her sports bra since it was clearly visible and kept everything else in check). But that belly kinda reminded me of those things you make in pre-shcool with a clear bottle, water, and some other colored liquid to make a wave pool.

So gross.

This morning I find out it’s not just here. Launch this animated map to see just how fat we are in the US.


Thanks, New York Nerd, for the phat news.

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  • mommmie-glands? Very creative way of describing them.

  • J A Greer

    Funny, I made the same observation when visiting my neighborhood pool on Sunday afternoon.

  • As for the link: so cool. As for the stats ON the link: so sad.
    I heard a stat that said the average American will gain 10 pounds every 10 years (or a pound a year)starting at age 25 (or maybe it was 30).
    For a women who lives to be 70, that means she’ll go up 5 dress sizes (8-10-12-14-16) in her lifetime. And that’s the average. Scary.

  • rob