meeting a christian

Every Sunday at church, we have a little “greeting” time where we turn to others sitting around us and introduce ourselves.

This morning I was feeling a little groggy when we had ours. I turned to my right and there was a guy standing there with his hand extended. I reached out to shake it and all he said to me was, “Christian”.

Remember, I’m in church. I’m a little groggy. So I just pause….

All at once, several replies went through my head before I got out the one I used. I thought of saying, “Good for you!”, “Well, you’re in the right place!”, and “Muslim!” all went through my head before I muttered, “uh, what?”

“My name is Christian”.

“Oh! Of course. I’m Rob.”


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  • I take it you guys aren’t having dress code issues if you are that groggy. Go you!


    You have to tell me how to get the “notify my of follow up comments via email”. I gotta have it.

  • rob

    Ha! Okay, so how did you get a lax dress code based on my grogginess? My coffee just wasn’t working yet…but we are a little more relaxed here in Orlando in the summers!

    The notify by email is a plugin. I don’t know if such a thing is available for

  • Yeah, Okay. We are in casual mode here also. I’ve just been on kick with that issue lately! Women, go on a date with your mate and wear the date clothes on the date! Come to church and be ready to work!

  • You were groggy at 10:30 in the morning? puh-lease.

  • 10:30?

    Come alive at 8:45 around here. Yup. Early service. PT setup at 7:15. Childcare…7:00. Ugggghhhh. Every other week for me, thank God in heaven above. There’s a praise in there somewhere.

  • rob

    I’ve been groggy all day!