the knife will come out tomorrow

Sigh. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna be knocked out cold. And while I’m out, some dude is gonna take out a knife and put it to the bottom of my foot. Thankfully I trust the dude with the knife. He’s a trained professional. That’s why we’re not going to try it at home.

I hate stuff like this. I hated getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Thankfully that’s the most involved surgery I’ve ever had done to me (besides breaking three arms…but that’s another story — hint: it wasn’t all at once). Tomorrow shouldn’t be any worse than that.

It’s really silly. There’s this persistent wart on the ball of my right foot. It bothers me some, but not a lot. It’s been treated 4 times and it keeps on growing. So tomorrow we’re resorting to cutting the sucker out.

I’ll be on crutches for a week.

So my weekly forecast now includes a couch, sleep, recouping, resting, my wi-fi laptop, and remote controls to TV, DVD, DVR, and FM.

All of a sudden I feel better. Fancy that.

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  • Funny, I never noticed you have three arms.

  • How did you get the wart? I need some R&R and wi-fi time and am willing to get one if that’s what it takes!

  • rob

    Gabe, I have no idea how I got it. My advice is to go walk on frogs.

    Catbird, you’re right. It broke off. Remind me later and I’ll blog about my arm-breaking times!

  • Good luck. You will be in good hands.

  • Good luck, take care. Let us know how it goes. If you need a good book to read, I may know of one. 😉

  • rob

    Yeah, Blake. Maybe I will! I have the PDF, but it’s not printed.

    I think one thing I’m already upset about is that I can’t have coffee in the morning. Then again, I don’t really want to be too awake either!

  • Was great having supper with you before you had major surgery.

  • rob

    Yes, good meal, good company. Sorry no deep-fried cheese wheel on a slab of cow for you.

    BTW, it’s not major surgery. Stop freakin’ me out!