my neoplasm cyst is gone…i think

Well I’m home, groggy, but okay. I guess everything went well…I was asleep.

Because I had to fast, I was hungry, tired, and had a headache because I couldn’t have my coffee. I’m reminded of my father-in-law when one he said, “I’m not addicted to coffee. I just happen to get a headache when I don’t have coffee.”

Anyway, just laying around…but its not as comfortable as you’d think. I have to keep my foot up and after a while I just want to sit up or something.

But I’m doing well. Thanks for your prayers, comments, phone calls, etc.

UPDATE: Patricia posted a photo of my bandaged foot if you’re curious.

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  • Glad everything is going well You’re in our prayers.

  • Sorry about the loss of your cyst.

    Hmmm, hope you get some good R&R while your laid up. As long as Patricia will hand you the remote and your cable is up I think you will be ok…

  • Virginia

    but…at least you can still blog! I hope you get better soon. Surgery is no fun.