stuck in the rain

Stuck in the rain, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Today was the first day I went out of the house since surgery. It’s not the easiest thing to do with crutches. The sidewalk to the driveway isn’t flat so that required a new traveling technique. And one crutch on grass while the other is on concrete is quite interesting.

It wasn’t bad being out. My foot really hasn’t hurt much at all. I haven’t even taken the Vicodin much at all the last few days. What hurts the most is my lower back from laying around!

Of course, being in Orlando, we should have planned on rain. We forgot. It was pouring when we got back home. Usually a dart into the garage is all it takes. With my “three legs” you’d think I could be much faster. My gate is a cross between a gazelle and a sloth.

Tomorrow we adventure back out — this time to the doc for a follow-up appointment.

BTW, is anyone interested in seeing a photo of my foot? We took some the other day but I haven’t posted them. Interested?

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  • Glad you’re doing better.

    No thanks on the photos — I’ll take your word for it! 🙂