When I was in high school, I used to collect nickels. Not nickles from different years or minted cities or anything. Just nickels.

I can’t remember how much lunch was, but I remember that part of the typical change back included a nickel. I found that people were very willing to give up their nickels if I just asked. I collected about $200-worth of nickels those four years.

Then inflation happened and apparently my friends, the Johnson’s, collect quarters. Well, more specifically, they only have one quarter that matters, and it’s their 2-year old who collected it.

But to find out where he collected it, you’ll have to ask Matt!

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  • I’ll trade you all my nickels for your dimes.. the nickels are much bigger!

  • Mag

    $200 in nickels? Are you serious?

    So, you friends paid you leave, right?

  • rob

    I’d like to think not! Some of those nickels I kept from my own change and all too of course.

  • Want my pennies? I throw them away otherwise.