one small step for rob, one giant leap for patricia

Today I went to my follow-up appointment for my foot surgery. I’m off my crutches!

I’m walking with a limp and it’s kind of labored, but I can walk. We’ll continue to treat the spot (it’s still an open wound) for two weeks when I go back. By then the skin should have grown to “fill in the hole”.

So as long as I don’t have too much pain when I walk, I can move around now. Can’t do things like cut the grass or go to the gym (drat!) because sweaty socks on an open wound on the ball of my foot where I’d be pushing off from…well, that’s just not a good idea.

But tonight I could walk into the kitchen, get my food, sit down, and wash the dishes. I can contribute again!

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  • Glad you are now contributing to society rather than just draining it. Welcome back.

  • That’s great!

  • Glad you are doing better.

    (I’m sure Patricia is glad, also :))

  • Patricia told me she was glad you were too immobile to “contribute”.

    Sorry Patricia, it couldnt have lasted forever.

  • rob

    Well, truth be told, there is something kinda nice about sitting around doing nothing! 😉

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