what can brown do for your dog?

I worked from home today. In our “office” no less. It’s more of the “we collect junk and don’t know where to put it so we put it in the ‘office'” room.

Anyway, I get a view out the window into the front yard and of course my neighbors across the street. They have a little yapper of a dog – an old chihuahua. That dog has never been nice to us. No surprise really, since chihuahuas are known to think they’re much bigger than they really are.

A few months ago, the UPS guy pulled up and when he got out, there was the dog right up on him. I spied. The dog liked the UPS guy! He was able to pet her. Note that for as long as I’ve seen this dog, not one human has ever been able to pet her.

Today I see the UPS guy park in front of our house again. Quickly I wondered what package we might receive. Then I thought that a neighbor must be getting something.

Brown stepped out, went to the front of his truck, and knelt down. The dog came up, he pet her for a few moments, and then he got back in the truck and drove off.

No package.

Just a delivery for the dog.

I just don’t get it.

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  • Sometimes my UPS man stops to see me at work. No package for me. No package for work. Just to chat. Now everytime I see him jumping off his truck empty handed I will think of myself as an old chihuahua that needs some attention. 😛

  • Linda, you might have brought it on yourself if you bark or bite strangers.