• rob

    NRO Operator: Dangit! I thought I saw Osama. Somebody get me NASA on line 1 and the President on line 2!

  • Off we go, into the wild black yonder, climbing high to the stars.

  • Our pilot has passed out, someone call 911!

  • TRANS-FORM-ERS! Robots in disguise.

  • Astronaut 1: “Hey guys, here’s a funny one…. When is a door not a door??? When it’s a jar!!”

    Astronaut 2: I love that one. You’re so funny.

  • rob

    I really thought the extra wings would create more drag, but look where we are now!

  • rob

    See? I told you we wouldn’t feel a draft. You owe me a Tang.

  • Astronaut 1: I feel sick.
    Astronaut 2: Just don’t look down.

  • Astronaut 1: Hey — did any of you see that movie with Tom Hanks where he was in space and his capsule started doing funny stuff? What was that line he used?

    Astronauts 2 and 3 — in unison: Houston — we have a problem!

  • Astronaut 1 to Astronaut 2

    Im not asking you to wax it – just rinse it off!

    Don’t forget to squeegie the windshield this time.