we’re outta here

I’m coming to you live courtsey of Orlando International Airport’s free wi-fi!

Due to the high likelihood of our flight tomorrow being cancelled, we’re leaving on vacation NOW!

We had 3 hours to get ready after we got our flight changed. Whew!

So I’m on blogging break. I may blog some while on vacation but I’m not planning on it. However, if everything goes correctly, you’ll have some daily entertainment here at rob’s place.

And while I’m still in the US and have phone service, I may moblog a bit on Flickr.

So stick around…while I don’t. Off to Vancouver we go!

ernesto’s forecast

forcast map, originally uploaded by orangejack.

The google map mashup forecast on Ernesto is that he’ll be a tropical storm when he goes right by Orlando tomorrow afternoon.

That’s the same time we’re catching a flight…so we think anyway.

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30 seconds

30 Seconds, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Saw this at Kinko’s last night. I bet it takes him longer than 30 seconds to teach us how to get our point across.

ernesto is unpredictable

I had a feeling that this guy might drift east a lot more than they were saying early on. Turns out now he is. He was heading to Tampa, now it’s Miami.

There’s a good chance he may not even make it back to hurricane status before landfall. There’s also a chance it’ll keep drifting east and not make a Florida landfall at all.

There’s just no telling, but we’re still in the cone, and there still could be a hurricane heading to Orlando. But most likely, we’ll get wet and windy…but not that much of it.

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nfl survival pick-em

I did this last year and it was a lot of fun. What you do is pick one NFL team you are sure will win their next game. If you’re right, you pick again the next week. You’re wrong, you’re out…until everyone is out and we try again, if that happens!

In order to join the group, just go to Survival Football, click the “Sign Up” button and choose to “Join an Existing Group”, then “Join a Private Group”. Then, when prompted, enter the following information…

Group ID#: 11182
Password: *****

Note: The password is the city in which I live.

emmy happiness

We watched the Emmys last night. For me it was the first time in years I actually watched most of an award show. But I enjoy this one since it’s about TV!

Of all the Emmy Award Winners, I was most happy about:

  • The Office wining Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus winning Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  • The Amazing Race winning Outstanding Reality Competition Show
  • Tony Shalhoub winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

I was most disappointed that LOST wasn’t nominated for hardly anything.

my fantasy league getting some press

A couple of weeks ago, Josh Robbins, Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer emailed me. He did a Google search for “fantasy football orlando” and found this site. He told me he wanted to do a story on if and how fantasy football effects the workplace. So I hooked Josh up with others in the league.

Today the article ran as the Sunday Showcase: Devotion is needed with fantasy football — and so is control. The non-printed two-pager starts here.

In talking about our new league blog, I did get some props:

On Aug. 16, Commissioner Rob Williams, a 35-year-old Internet consultant for Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, notified everybody else that his team’s name has changed from the Orlando Chupacabras to the Orlando Bullsharks.

He posted the entry at 7:21 a.m.

Before work.