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what a discoverySomething I’ve been thinking about lately are what I call “local dreams”. In other words, what are the things that you really want to do that are specific to where you live?

I count local to your area as something you can do in a day (starting from your house, driving off, and getting back to your house for bed), or things that you can do by driving to a place for a weekend stay.

The point is the only way to do these things if you didn’t live where you currently live, you’d have to fly or take more than a day to drive.

So I made my list for what’s local to me.

Never Done but Want To

  • Tour NASA
  • See a game at the Swamp
  • Drive to Key West
  • See the manatees/Glass bottom boat tour
  • Go to a Greyhound race

Already Done but Want To Do Again

  • Canoe Wekiva
  • Watch shuttle launch from Cocoa Beach

Already Done but Don’t Need To Do Again (it’s okay if I do)

  • Disney and Other Parks
  • See Lake Okeechobee
  • Visit the Everglades
  • Swim with the dolphins
  • Drive all of FL-50 (dissects Florida East to West thru Orlando)
  • Drive both FL coasts (have driven US 1 from Miami to St. Augustine and US 41 from Naples to Tampa)

What are your local dreams? I encourage you to blog about it on your own site and let us know about it by puting a link in the comments here to it. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to post yours here.

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  • What’s a game at the swamp?

  • rob

    Karin, this is the swamp. Now where’s your list?

  • When our vacation plans earlier this summer fell through, I posted something along these lines. You have to make your way through some rambling…lol…but my wishlist of local day trip stops are highlighted. Click on the pink links to get to the websites.


    And so far we have done none of them!

  • (Cross posted in a discussion thread at the Central Florida Flickrs group)

    Key West is a great visit, but it’s a day down and a day back. If you go, take the trip out to Ft. Jefferson National Monument at the Dry Tortugas. An interesting pre-Civil-War site (a lot like Ft. McHenry in structure), interesting history (Dr. Mudd, who treated John Wilkes Booth after Booth shot Lincoln, was in prison there), and good snorkeling. It’s from our pre-Flickr days: Don’t know if the photos are electronic or print. I’ll see if I can find ’em.

    The NASA tourism stuff at the Cape is kind of disappointing. Neat stuff to see, but overall frustrating. Go early, ’cause the bus tickets for the launch site tours sell out early (or maybe they just put everyone on late tours to keep them at the site buying souveniers).

    Too bad no night shuttle launches, probably not ever again: Those were incredible from Daytona Beach, and would’ve had to have been even more so from Cocoa.

    Our to-do list (not all of the day-trip variety):
    * Airboat tour of a swamp. Doesn’t have to be the Everglades, but…
    * Everglades National Park
    * South Beach (just to have done it)
    * West Coast cities and beaches south of Tampa (like Sanabel)
    * Overnight or weekend in St. Augustine. Day trip is fun, but co-workers say one can really relax there. (Recommended: Alligator Farm!)
    * St. George’s Island
    * Canoe Wekiva (I thought we were doing that last month, and I don’t know what happened)

    There’s good stuff on the West Florida (i.e. panhandle) beaches, too. We spent a few nights at Seagrave Beach west of Panama City Beach in the early winter a couple of times a few years ago. Dogs are allowed on the beach there. It’s a more traditional beach development along New England or Cape Hattaras lines: no beach motels, few condos, mainly homes.

    Also, if you want some place quiet and contemplative: Bok Tower at Lake Wales is a great place.

  • Ha! Gators…..swamp. I get it!

    26 years in Florida and I never heard that before.

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  • Hey Rob,
    I’ve started a list, but I think this whole idea might become an ongoing project. Anyway, here’s what I came up with…