feed the hungry by eating

Does anyone else find it a bit ironic that to raise money for the hungry, here in Orlando there will be an event that cost $100 to attend so you can gorge yourself on great food prepared by local chefs?

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  • Part of me wants to be snarky and say “It’s the American Way to help feed the hungry while also eating ’til you pass out!” On the other hand, it sounds like the kind of event Disney (or whoever) would have anyway, so if they’re giving the proceeds to feed the hungry, then more power to them.

  • rob

    I agree it’s a good thing, I just find it ironic. But maybe it’s the way I see things. Remember those billboard ads that would say “Pregnant? Need Help?” I always thought that was either for a pregnancy hotline or a jigaloe service.

  • It is ironic — but I guess it’s one way for the extreemly rich to help the poor and some how feel good about it.

    Or at least full.

  • Dad

    I still like the idea of the low country church that sells tickets to its Annual Fish Fry as a money raiser. Many years ago, they determined they could make more profits by not cooking anything! They just sell the tickets.