back in pain

Dangit all! I’m actually dealing with a real side-effect from my foot surgery a few weeks ago.

It’s not my foot. It’s my back.

Now I did consider that it’s due to old age, but I am going to dismiss that and will delete any comment trying to prove I’m an old man or something. Humm, I am getting a little crotchety, aren’t I?

Anyway, it started while I was on crutches. Obviously I had to keep my foot up and after a week of hobbling, my lower back on my right side (it was my right foot operated on) started to really hurt.

It went away after I got off crutches, but it still comes and goes. This week it’s been really bad twice…especially today!

So today I got a chiropractic adjustment, all day ice, massage, stretching, and an alive. I feel a little better.

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  • I wanna know where I can get some of that “alive”! I could really use some. Do they sell it in the drugstore? If so, is it next to the caffeine sodas or the Aleve?

  • rob


  • Mag

    yeah, see…a woman would never misspell “Aleve”. 🙂

  • Well — I’m thankful you are alive — and that you have Aleve! 🙂

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  • I think “Alive” is probably a better word! Great thinking.

    Did you learn any cool crutches tricks? Hopefully you made the most of your opportunity to learn.