Okay, the spelling police came out in the comments of my post about my pain. Apparently in my haste, I called the drug that made me feel better “alive” instead of “aleve”.

My apologies to everyone that my spell-checker didn’t understand my context.

Technically, I took naproxen sodium from Target.

My general practitioner yesterday gave me Celebrex instead.

While we’re on the subject, here’s one…when do you use the spelling “yeah” and “yea”? I’ve seen both of these spellings to communicate the same thing.

I say “yea” is like “yay” or “yahoo”. It’s a celebratory word. “Yeah” is agreement like “yes”.

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  • Mag

    I’m glad we cleared that up!

    The saddest day in the world was when all the warnings came out for Celebrex. Sad, sad days. Short terms use, you’re probably fine (and I still use if on occassion for persistant inflamatory issues that need to calm down.) Good luck.

  • Mag

    Oh, and I say, “Huh.!” all the time. Upward inflection to downward, meaning, noteworthy. People repeat themselves like I said, “Huh?” downward to upward. A conspicuous difference.

    I know someone who types “yea” when they mean…I’m too upset/irrated to follow what you are saying.

    ??? computers.

  • Hrm, Im not sure about… uh… when you use those. Huh!

    In closing, I love drugs. Anytime I have a legitimate excuse to take codiene its a good day – even if my back has seized up.