my friend’s blogs

I want to (re)introduce you to some of my favorite blogs produced by my friends (who are currently blogging) listed in ABC order.

  • Blake Schwendiman’s Blog and Blook :: a new friend who blogs about his free sci-fi book and various web thingies
  • Casita de Pitayo :: my wife’s blog…and I like it not just because she’s my wife!
  • The Catbird Seat :: she creates long posts most of the time, but they are worth the read for a chuckle or three
  • Crocker Chronicle :: the dude goes deep sometimes but worth it
  • :: three-fourths of the time he’s over my head…but there is that other fourth
  • Fantast: (n) A visionary; a dreamer :: her blog title says it all
  • the G sides :: the boy’s got game in his blog
  • i give the truth scope :: the only person who I truely belive if she says in a chat or email “LOL”, she actually IS
  • Grace Undeserved :: new to my reading list even though he posts too much about silly computer games
  • The Greener Grass :: one of my blogging pastors who adds really good perspective on life…and The Beatles.
  • Hertzler’s Outpost :: best blog by an ex-ex-patriot. Great perspectives in a verbose and fun sort of way.
  • The Johnson Hut :: as Roz on Last Comic Standing said, this family don’t have jokes, they’ve got problems!
  • :: straight up, short, and to the point. His RSS feed is often better 😉
  • :: random, quick, and linkable
  • The View from Budapest :: he’s just an ex-patriot, not an ex-ex-patriot yet.
  • Pqliar Ppl :: I met her in Trinidad and got her started with blogging. Fun stuff.
  • rev bill :: get spiritual with my blogging pastor uncle
  • Road to Avonleah :: personally, I don’t think she’s on any road going to Avonleah. But then again, I have no idea where that is.
  • Tip o’My Brain :: movie expert who lives around the corner from me. Movies aren’t all he blogs about.

If you think you’re my friend and you’re current on your blog and feel I didn’t add you to this list on purpose, then see if you’re in my reading list and leave me a comment. Chances are you’re not blogging right now, or you’re not my friend…or I’m just a dolt.

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  • what’s a dolt?

    And we both know that i checked for my name first, then got upset that it wasn’t in the top 3, then realized you cheaped out and did alphabetical order.

    but I’m glad i made the list.

    LOL (not really). Actually, now I am!!!!!

  • Huh…you didn’t even mention me. Anyhow… I need to get in touch with you sometime soon about web ministry with some questions.

  • rob

    See? That’s the danger in making a post like this! I did indeed forget to mention Jason’s blog. I love his most recent post on the monkey-butt in Gaffney! I can’t believe there’s an entry on wikipedia about it.

    Oh, Karin, Google can be your friend.

  • I’d keep an eye out for that Kevin Donahue guy. He’s shifty.