what do you do when your mom calls?

I just had to pull this story from our league blog to share with you. It’s my true story. Sigh.

Mom Called

What do you do during the live draft to keep from being interrupted?

I had our draft date and time on my wife’s calendar for months. Nothing was going to get in the way of this draft. Nothing! Not even…

So the draft started at noon. At 12:01 the phone rang. Seriously, I double-checked the caller ID. I heard my wife pick up the phone. I’m watching the draft clock to see who is the #1 pick of the draft. I hear my wife say, “Hello, Olivia!”

Yup. My mom called at 12:01 on draft day.

What did I do? What would you do?

I got up, ran to the den, looked at my wife and motioned to her violently, “No! I can’t talk!” and ran back to my computer.

I may not be the best son, but I did get Steven Jackson and Ronnie Brown at the 12th and 13th pick overall.

Sorry mom.

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  • Mag

    my son’s been on the computer for two days placing picks and saving line up ideas. a mom just understand these things about her “boy”!

  • Rob,
    You are hereby officially BUSTED.
    At least when your Mom called, it was about football (she understands your passion). Go Tigers!


  • My mother knows not to call me on weeknights from 7:30 PM to 8 PM–when Jeopardy! is on. It’s not the football draft, but it is in the same vein.

  • Mag

    HA! Busted by DAd…that’s funny.