my fantasy league getting some press

A couple of weeks ago, Josh Robbins, Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer emailed me. He did a Google search for “fantasy football orlando” and found this site. He told me he wanted to do a story on if and how fantasy football effects the workplace. So I hooked Josh up with others in the league.

Today the article ran as the Sunday Showcase: Devotion is needed with fantasy football — and so is control. The non-printed two-pager starts here.

In talking about our new league blog, I did get some props:

On Aug. 16, Commissioner Rob Williams, a 35-year-old Internet consultant for Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, notified everybody else that his team’s name has changed from the Orlando Chupacabras to the Orlando Bullsharks.

He posted the entry at 7:21 a.m.

Before work.

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  • Whoo-hoo, famous guy.

  • Jason

    Now I wish is was in your league.