we’re outta here

I’m coming to you live courtsey of Orlando International Airport’s free wi-fi!

Due to the high likelihood of our flight tomorrow being cancelled, we’re leaving on vacation NOW!

We had 3 hours to get ready after we got our flight changed. Whew!

So I’m on blogging break. I may blog some while on vacation but I’m not planning on it. However, if everything goes correctly, you’ll have some daily entertainment here at rob’s place.

And while I’m still in the US and have phone service, I may moblog a bit on Flickr.

So stick around…while I don’t. Off to Vancouver we go!

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  • Leah

    Yeahhhhhhhh. When does your flight come in? What are you doing tomorrow night? Want to meet? I am so excited!! Happy happy joy joy!

  • Mag

    good plan! Way to go you two. hope ya’ll have fun. we’ve got emergency response people changing their schedules around already to prepare to come help if your area needs it.

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