clemson rolls 51-0

Tiger ragWow. I had the feeling we wouldn’t have much trouble against Louisiana Tech, but I didn’t think we’d win 51-0.


06 Clemson Tigers (4-1/2-1)

09-02 v Fla Atlantic : 54-6 (W)
09-09 @ Boston College : 33-34 (L-2OT)
09-16 @ Florida St : 27-20 (W)
09-23 v North Carolina : 52-7 (W)
09-30 v Louisiana Tech : 51-0 (W)

Next up: 10-07 @ Wake Forest

Wake has had our number the last few years…and they are playing great right now.

hokies stung by yellow jackets

Sugar Orgy, originally uploaded by Mr. Greenjeans.

Well that stinks. VT lost to GT (the Tech bowl?) 38-27.

06 Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1/2-1)

09-02 v Northeastern : 38-0 (W)
09-09 @ North Carolina : 35-10 (W)
09-16 v Duke : 36-0 (W)
09-23 v Cincinnati : 29-13 (W)
09-30 v Georgia Tech : 27-38 (L)

Next up: 10-12 @ Boston College

this is where I heard it

This is where I heard it, originally uploaded by orangejack.

For today’s Foto Friday, I wanted to use one of the photos I took of the grapes in the Okanagan vineyards in British Columbia.

The story we got on this area is that it’s a new area for producing wine and they are very good at it. A few years ago, the Mission Hill Winery entered one of their wines into an international competition and won. The judges thought it was a mistake (Canada doesn’t make wine!) so they threw out the results. But in another blind taste test the next day, the Mission Hill wine won again thus putting the Okanagan region on the wine map.

I couldn’t decide which one of my grape photos I liked the best so I went with this one for today’s foto friday. Which one do you like better?

vancouver olympic mascot

Another press release from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games today I found funny. I mean, who’s writing these things? Today they published Mascot Mystery – who will design the 2010 Games Mascot?

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) passed another major milestone today as it officially launched its search for the designer of the official Olympic and Paralympic Games mascot(s).

Artists from around the world now have the opportunity of a lifetime: to design a mascot(s) that will achieve worldwide fame while also achieving a defining professional accomplishment.

Okay, so launching a search is a major milestone? Okay. I need to start congratulating myself more often. I begin looking for lots of things.

Oh, and as for what the mascot should look like? I thought they already had one. Since the logo is the Inukshuk, I think they should use this guy as the lovable, huggable mascot:


who is anti-game?

What a strange paragraph from a press release about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Vancouver 2010 Stays Focused on Game Plan

Vancouver — The Organizing Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) responded today to the claims of anti-Games activists by re-affirming its commitment to fiscal responsibility and environmental, social and economic sustainability in planning, building and staging the 2010 Games in Vancouver and Whistler.

In other words, “we ain’t gonna hurt the environment by skiing down mountains really fast so relax you anti-gamers”.

life is short, eat pastries naked

Best title for a post I’ve read in a while: Naked man runs through Starbucks, eats pastries, gets shot by rubber bullets. That should say it all.

But don’t you want more?

At 5am this morning, a “drunken naked guy” used a sock full of rocks to shatter the glass on the front door, and stormed inside to eat “all the pastries”. Police responded and found the guy running around the store, resisting arrest. He had feathers in his hair and an American flag […] The cops had to use rubber bullets and a beanbag shotgun to subdue him.

And how do we know he was still drunk and not hung over? He didn’t want coffee yet. {rim shot}

Now if the naked guy had a cap on and stuck the feathers in that instead of his hair, I wonder if he’d call it macaroni? {long rim shot}

I like the line about how they “found the guy running around the store, resisting arrest.” I can just hear the cops now, “Hey! Naked guy! What are you doing in that Starbucks?” to which he replied, “Why, I’m resisting arrest!”