getting lost in the anatomy of grey

So who’s ready for LOST? Who’s ready for Grey’s Anatomy?

You say you’ve not seen them? Posh! Now is the time to get ready…or you can get ready in the next couple of weeks.

From TV Squad:

[last season’s] two hour Grey’s season finale will air on Wednesday, 9/20 at 9. The one-hour recap will air on Thursday, 9/21 at 8, right before the season premiere of Grey’s, whch will bow at 9. Lost’s two-hour season finale will air Monday, 9/25 at 9, the clip show will air Wednesday, 9/27 at 9, and the season premiere will air on Wednesday, 10/4 at 9.

This is a great way to get back into these shows…or start up with them. I’m not a Grey fan, but Patricia is. So I’ll sit through the finale, clip show, and premiere for it and see if I can get hooked.

Am I the only one who thinks that last sentence sounds kinda like a drug addict wanna-be?

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  • Nope, Rob you are not the only one who thinks that you sounded like a drug addict wanna-be.