clemson wins at fsu

clemson_logoWhew! Clemson holds on to win 27-20 at Florida State. It was our first win at FSU since ’89.

I was worried. Our special teams is not very special at all. In case you missed it, last week we lost in double-overtime because BC blocked one of our extra point attempts.

Tonight, Clemson scores first and has the extra point attempt blocked AND RETURNED so we’re up 6-2. Later we attempted a field goal and it was blocked AND RETURNED for a TD. So now we’re down 6-9. We score another TD and go for 2 and make it to go up 14-9.

In the second half though, FSU looked much better and took it to us. It was tied at 20 in the 4th and we were able to drive 85 yards in less than 90 seconds 2:14, scoring a TD with 8 seconds left. And we finally made the PAT.

Man we’ve gotta get the place kicking team working a lot better. 2-1 now with only a 1-pt loss in 2OT.

Up next, North Carolina.

Clemson 2006 (2-1)

09-02 v Fla Atlantic 54-6 (W)
09-09 @ Boston College 33-34 (L-2OT)
09-16 @ Florida St 27-20 (W)
09-23 v North Carolina
09-30 v Louisiana Tech
10-07 @ Wake Forest
10-12 v Temple
10-21 v Georgia Tech
10-26 @ Virginia Tech
11-04 v Maryland
11-11 v N. Carolina St.
11- 25 v South Carolina

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  • paul

    That was an entertaining game. I missed the first half, but saw most of the 2nd. What do you think he would have done if they hadn’t scored on that alst run? Think he would have tried the FG?

  • rob

    Nope. I agreed with the announcers that since we were less than a yard away, take your chances with the TD dive or something. If you don’t get it, you go OT.

    Too bad you missed the first half. We had almost 100 more yards than they did and they only scored on blocked kicks. It’s rare to dominate a half and still be worried!

    Glad that’s over.

  • Great game, eh Rob?! I’ll be in Death Valley next Saturday watching the CU-UNC game. First time I’ve seen the Tigers play in years.

  • rob

    That’s cool, Mike! Cheer loud for me!

    I got to go to 2 games last year and it was so fun to go back. There’s a chance I might make the USC game!

  • Damn.