vancouver vacation photos

Vancouver Vacation, originally uploaded by orangejack.

I finally got about 100 photos from our vacation last week up and online.

Actually this is one pic from each of the 4 sets: 4 places for our vacation. We were in Seattle briefly, attending a wedding, went to the Okanagan, and of course Vancouver.

Maybe another day soon I’ll actually write about the trip.

In the meantime, you can read some of Patricia’s blog posts on Canada (be sure to check the dates becuase there’s some in there from 2004).

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  • Claudia

    Rob, you picked all my favorite pictures to put on your site. You are an incredible photographer. There are a couple of other pictures of Graham and Alissa that we didn’t see….I’ve seen them now so we’ll have to talk when we get there in Oct. So glad you were both able to come and stay with us. Love you both.

  • rob

    Thanks, Claudia! Looking forward to seeing you in October.