one coup in bangkok makes a hard pm humble

You may have heard that tanks were rolling in downtown Bangkok yesterday. It was a shock to me. I thought Thailand was a pretty secure nation.

As I’ve read into it some more today, I’ve learned this has been a boiling pot for a while. From what I can tell from this news article: Tough year for Thai PM is that the Prime Minister, Thaksin, has been accused of many wrong-doings, including fixing his re-election back in April. The King called for a re-vote that was supposed to happen now but was pushed to November. Then…

September 19: The military says it has seized power, revoked the constitution and imposed martial law. Tanks and troops patrol the streets. Thaksin is at the UN general assembly in New York and aides admit they do not know where he will go next.

September 20: Coup leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin says the military took action to unite the nation but would restore civilian power “as soon as possible.” The constitution, cabinet, Senate, House of Representatives and Constitutional Court are “terminated.” The military slaps strict controls on the media and imposes a nationwide ban on public gatherings.

It seems that there is actually a state of euphoria in much of Thailand because of this, but I hope all this gets settled soon. I’m planning a conference to take place in Bangkok next April!

BTW, how cool is that Royal Seal?

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  • I wonder if the show had everything but Yul Brynner?

    Murray Head would be proud.