isn’t that the same song?

In the late 80’s, the group Technotronic came out with a large house hit called Pump Up The Jam. The song was good. But every song on the CD sounded the same. They all sounded like Pump Up The Jam.

I think there’s a new group out that has the same “Technotronic” problem of every song sounding the same: Nickleback. They have had a couple songs on the radio and every time I hear one I swear I think it’s the same song.

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  • I cant believe you would slam Nickleback.

    Further, I cant believe 16 yr old kids havent burned down your website for saying that.

  • rob

    They probably are confused and thought I meant Technorati.

  • You’ll love this link

    It helps if you listen using headphones to maintain stereo separation.

  • rob

    nobriner, that was awesome! I rest my case.