who is anti-game?

What a strange paragraph from a press release about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Vancouver 2010 Stays Focused on Game Plan

Vancouver — The Organizing Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) responded today to the claims of anti-Games activists by re-affirming its commitment to fiscal responsibility and environmental, social and economic sustainability in planning, building and staging the 2010 Games in Vancouver and Whistler.

In other words, “we ain’t gonna hurt the environment by skiing down mountains really fast so relax you anti-gamers”.

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  • Claire

    I think there’s also a lot of “yes we’re millions and millions of dollars over budget, already, but so was everyone else.” From what I’ve been hearing on the news, the Games are over budget in just about every possible area. This, while concerning, is not exactly a surprise. I heard somewhere (but I cannot find the source for it so get out your grain of salt) that only 2 cities in the history of the Games have ever paid for them in full by the end of the games themselves. The two winners? Calgary (where oil money paid for it) and Atlanta (where Coke paid for it). Could just be a rumor, but from the amount of money being thrown around up here, it’s not impossible.

    Plus for the environmentalists there’s the whole “we’re blowing a new highway into the side of the mountain” thing. But hey, they’re just games.