vancouver olympic mascot

Another press release from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games today I found funny. I mean, who’s writing these things? Today they published Mascot Mystery – who will design the 2010 Games Mascot?

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) passed another major milestone today as it officially launched its search for the designer of the official Olympic and Paralympic Games mascot(s).

Artists from around the world now have the opportunity of a lifetime: to design a mascot(s) that will achieve worldwide fame while also achieving a defining professional accomplishment.

Okay, so launching a search is a major milestone? Okay. I need to start congratulating myself more often. I begin looking for lots of things.

Oh, and as for what the mascot should look like? I thought they already had one. Since the logo is the Inukshuk, I think they should use this guy as the lovable, huggable mascot:


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  • Nice. I totally wasn’t expecting that. It was perfect as I had to scroll to see it.

  • Galaxy Quest! I love that movie! Makes me laugh hard everytime!