this is where I heard it

This is where I heard it, originally uploaded by orangejack.

For today’s Foto Friday, I wanted to use one of the photos I took of the grapes in the Okanagan vineyards in British Columbia.

The story we got on this area is that it’s a new area for producing wine and they are very good at it. A few years ago, the Mission Hill Winery entered one of their wines into an international competition and won. The judges thought it was a mistake (Canada doesn’t make wine!) so they threw out the results. But in another blind taste test the next day, the Mission Hill wine won again thus putting the Okanagan region on the wine map.

I couldn’t decide which one of my grape photos I liked the best so I went with this one for today’s foto friday. Which one do you like better?

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  • I think I’d have chosen the same one as I like the age of the vine showing. I really liked all of them! It was fun to see how there could be so many green ones clumped in a ripe batch!

    Holly’s Corner

  • I’m gonna have to go with “among the grapes.” Although it was a toss-up between it and the one you chose. I wish you could post them all, if only for your captions/titles.
    TOO funny!

  • I like the self-service one with Patricia trying to eat them the best, for sure!
    And then i like the “Someone tell the nine to huury up”. The little green ones just look so cute in that big wad of purple ones. Now, I did not realize that green grapes are just purple grapes not all the way ripened. Is that what I am gathering? I thought they were like a different breed. Guess I am behind on my grape knowledge!

  • rob

    Yeah, I dunno either.

  • Those are a different kind of grapes. Probaby Pinot Noir making grapes, I think.

  • rob

    And y’all thought I was the “wine snob”.