google reader > bloglines

In case you don’t follow my blog about effective web ministry notes, I wanted to let you know that I think I’ve officially changed RSS readers.

I’m now using Google Reader (gReader). Why? I think overall, it’s better than Bloglines. I know that’s hard to believe, but it is. I have more to say on eMinsitryNotes including a link to a little tutorial of it.

Think of Google Reader as an inbox for the web. When the websites you like to follow are updated, gReader will let you know similarly to how if someone wants to send you email, you go read it in your email reader (like gMail).

If you wanted to try it out, add some RSS feeds and play around.

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  • The first version of GReader turned me off, but I may have to take another look. Right now, I’m using NetNewsWire at home because it syncs with NewsGator when I’m at work.

  • rob

    Yeah, I hated the first version of gReader. Just horrible. This upgrade is like they started over. And this is a good reason to have a web-based RSS reader…it’s synced no matter where you are.