alarmed and bumped

7079This morning my friend Matt stopped by just before 6 AM because I asked him to. He was willing to give me a ride to the airport to catch my 8:00 flight this morning.

What a servant!

He went outside with my bags while I set the house alarm. I accidentally set it to “instant” so as soon as a door or window was opened the alarm would sound.

No good. I’m locked in. So I needed to turn it off and reset it so I could leave.

Trouble was I couldn’t remember the code. I turn the alarm off every morning but for some reason, this morning I couldn’t remember it.

Then the alarm went off. Or on. Not sure which it is. But it was loud! I had to call our security service for help while my house alarm was blaring…at 6 in the morning. Sorry, neighbors.

After a whole ordeal of getting it worked out, the alarm finally stopped, I got my correct code, and off I went…only 10 minutes late which was not a big deal.

In fact, I was early enough so I could volunteer to get bumped from my overbooked 8 AM flight. I got bumped. In return, I got a voucher (good as cash, better than a free ticket) to anywhere in the world and I only get into DC about an hour and a half later than originally scheduled.

So now I can try and relax before my new flight.

And blog.

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  • Of course you forgot the code.

    6 AM. Nuff said.