crushed, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Got this error message in google reader today. I felt a little better seeing the word ‘items’, but the first four words were crushing!

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  • ali

    are you happy with google reader?
    i use bloglines and have been a little disappointed…it’s so slow to update updated sites.

  • ROFL – good one. I love the new Google Reader but I’m never caught up so I’ve never been told I don’t have any friends yet….LOL

    Holly’s Corner

  • rob

    @ali: I do really like gReader. I’ve been with Bloglines for a long time. gReader is a lot like gMail and works quite well.

  • I get the same let-down checking my email.

    75 spams and nothing from anyone i know.

  • that’s funny. email does so much to boost our social life. it’s quite pathetic, but I do like it.

  • i’ll be your friend, robbie.

    afterall, ten bucks is ten bucks.

    hahahaha hohohoho.