syndicate fully please

If you’ve got a blog, please syndicate fully. In other words, don’t send just an introduction in the RSS feed. Put it all there. I promise I’ll click through if it’s good enough.

If you’re not syndicating fully, I may drop you from my RSS reader. I just can’t click through to everything anymore.

And if you really want to do a better job syndicating, do like Kim did and run your feed through Feedburner. It’s better for us all.

There. That’s my shot across your RSS bow. 😉

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  • i still don’t know what really happened. i just did what robbie told me to do and suddenly everything is as it should be. the hills are alive…!

    everybody do as rob says.

  • I don’t even understand this post. Rob, am I fully syndicated or not?!

  • rob

    @catbird: yup, you’re doing fine. Could use a little feedburner love, but that’s okay.