clemson’s all purple defeats ga tech

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Clemson came out in all purple uni’s (not my favorite) for the first time since the 30’s or something. But it worked! We’re #12 and beat #13 GA Tech with over 300 rushing yards! I got to catch the 4th quarter only.

Clemson Tigers (7-1/4-1)

09-02 v Fla Atlantic : 54-6 (W)
09-09 @ Boston College : 33-34 (L-2OT)
09-16 @ Florida St : 27-20 (W)
09-23 v North Carolina : 52-7 (W)
09-30 v Louisiana Tech : 51-0 (W)
10-07 @ Wake Forest : 27-17(W)
10-12 v Temple : 63-9 (W)
10-21 v Georgia Tech : 31-7 (W)

Next up: 10-26 @ Virginia Tech

Next week’s game is on ESPN Thursday night. A huge game for the Tigers.

I really think our success this season so far is becuase of our offensive line. All 5 starters are seniors. That really makes our run game work. But CJ Spiller and James Davis are the real deals.

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  • Shawn

    Hmmmm. I know another “orange” team that has only one loss by one point.

  • rob

    good for you. and you’re right to put orange in quotes when referring to tennessee! 😉